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main whatisnew download strength features shots subscribe reviews FAQ price list phonelistemail list how to order aegon bench database util epd2diagramj. noomen column DIAZ column misc. older topics comp. profile cartoon mode Two leading chess programmers have joined forces. An unique new development in computer chess. It surely will make both REBEL as CHESS-TIGER much stronger chess players. The expectations are high.

The idea itself (to combine 17 and 16 years individual chess programming ideas) is estimated to have a potential of at least 100-150 elo points progress. On this page you can follow the developments.


  • One of CHESS-TIGER's search algorithms has been implemented in REBEL and is further improved by Ed Schröder. The CHESS-TIGER idea plus Ed's own improvements have speed up REBEL with a factor of 2-3. The first results are very promising. At the playing level of 1:00 per move REBEL scores 47½-31½ against various strong computer opponents.

    For the moment the conclusion is Christophe's idea has given REBEL an elo jump of at least 30 elo points but more likely the gain in playing strength is 50 elo points or even more. The basic idea is implemented in the third party engines of:

    Please note the "REBEL10 engine for ECTOOL" is free for REBEL10 customers who have subscribed so you can already have a look for yourself. More info on the REBEL10 subscription page.


  • As a result of Christophe's idea to Ed which has made REBEL 2-3 faster Christophe will investigate if Ed's suggested improvements to the search algorithm will work for CHESS-TIGER too.

  • Currently the King Safety software of REBEL10 is implemented in CHESS-TIGER.
It will take some time to report the results and conclusions.

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    Last update November 24, 1998