- The ONE MILLION games -

Isn't a chess database just like an encyclopedia? You can study the subjects you like or look them up when you need them.

Nowadays highly sophisticated database programs allow you to search for opening, player, ending, theme or position. You can also analyse the opening or middlegame and even see whether the ending is won or not, but you do need the games and gladly a lot!

Now YDU, the Yearly Database Update, offers the millionbase. The millionbase contains more than a million games in three current database-formats, Chessbase (tm), Chess Assistant (tm) and Nicbase (tm).

This millionbase is the result of collecting and entering chessgames for over a decade. The games come from all over the world and from various sources. You will not only find the games from high-level tournaments, but also from local and private sources, worldwide magazines, rare tournament-bulletins, books, clubs, correspondendence-chess and the Internet.

Let's take a look at some examples you will find in the millionbase:

This position occured in Kasparov-Polgar, Don Hermanas 1996 and is drawn as the analysis showed out but white won. If you want the study this position the millionbase offers at least 250 games with the same ending. Judith won't like the fact that 96% of them ended eventually in a draw!

A similar ending is Rook + Bishop vs Rook. The millionbase gives you no less than 500 positions to study. Though this position is drawn too most of the times, 40% scored a win.

In the diagram below you recognize the famous 4-queens ending in Fischer-Petrosian, Yugoslavia 1959.

This game ended in a draw but the millionbase shows that not every world champion archived this result!

The millionbase offers at least 254-queen-endings. Included are losses by Karpov to Agdestein, Kasparov to Mikhalchisin and Capablanca to Alekhine.

The millionbase offers you thousands and thousands of games that haven't been available before and is a complete survey of what has been played this and the previous century at all the levels.

The games, upated until septmber 1996, are sorted in the 500 ECO opening keys and are ready to port into your database.

What's more?
For instance there are more than 1000 Botvinnik games. Is Franzen-Hausner, Trnava 1982 a new "sea-snake" world record for a win after 176 moves? Ever seen Karpov lose in twelve moves or seen a grandmaster walk into a fine trap prepared for an open tournament, you will all find this and lots more in the Millionbase!

From December 15, 1996 the Millionbase will be available at your favourite dealer.


Last update December 10,1996