- Testing procedure -

All games are played on 40 moves in 2 hours on Pentium machines with the Auto Player software AUTO232 of Christian Donninger.
AUTO232 enables you to connect 2 Pc's by a special serial cable that operates either by COM1 or COM2. After installation of the software you start on each Pc the chess program to be tested. After that the CTRL_0 command will start a match between the 2 loaded chess programs.

AUTO232 is commercially available and costs about $99 and can be obtained by Gambit Soft Germany (see our Dealer List). Remember you need 2 Pc's, the special serial cable is included in the retail price.

Important remarks
  • Matches are based on as much as white and black games.
  • All scores are based on unique games, double games are NOT counted.
  • Some chess programs have small opening books resulting in less games.
  • Most chess programs have wide opening books resulting in more games.
  • All programs play on their strongest settings.
  • All games (matches) played can be downloaded.

    Last update December 23,1996