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Chess Tiger is rated 5/5 by Tucows

Chess Tiger has received the PalmTop_Pro Award in recognition of exemplary software development



Want more of Chess Tiger? Why don't you try our PC version?

The PC version of Chess Tiger is simply one of the best chess program you can run on a Personal Computer.

By "best", we really mean it. Chess Tiger for PC is without any doubt one of the strongest chess program for the PC. Just have a look at the latest SSDF list.

It also has one of the most friendly human interface ever written, fully compliant with Windows standards (for example it allows you to copy a game to your favorite word processor with a simple copy/paste operation).

The same copy/paste feature will allow you to easily exchange games and positions with the Palm version.

Chess Tiger for PC is distributed worldwide by Schröder BV under the name Rebel 11 and comes complete on a CD with user's manual. The CD contains Chess Tiger 14 for Windows and several other top chess programs like Rebel Century 3.0 (a very human-like chess engine) and a giant game database of 800.000 games (representing 150 years of chess at the highest level).

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