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REBEL 11.0 review

by Chris Taylor

Rebel 11.0 Review.

My primary interest in chess programs is to buy them and play auto232 matches. The joining of two computers, so one program can be played against another. When I had the chance to Beta test Rebel and the Tigers, I was delighted. Here was a chance to play some good auto matches. Now I have been sent the completed CD, I am more delighted. Rebel is a Dos program that runs in Windows, and auto-plays really good. I have it working as well as a native Windows program. To me it appears to work perfectly.

What more can one want. To take advantage of the 232 routine, one needs an auto232 program, which is a separate program. Not so in the Tigers case, 232 is inbuilt! Back to Century 3.0. I have played matches against a long list of capable Chess Programs. I have found Rebel Century to be a match for all of them. It has gained speed, and has a lot of inbuilt knowledge, especially the endgame. Without endgame databases, it still plays a very strong game.

The strength comes from some good programming from Ed Schroder. This is faster than its former versions, allowing it to compete with the so-called best. Fritz, Junior, Shredder and Hiarcs. There are more engines and programs, but I am not going to mention them all. Rebel Century 11.0, when autoplaying any of the top programs, does really well, and shows a tremendous improvement over earlier versions! In both speed, and depth of calculations.

Email me and I will send pgn files of the many Rebel Century wins! There is a ton of features in Rebel I have not mentioned. I can therefore put my name to the long list of happy customers.

Rebel has its own database format, it can read and write pgn files. Great for keeping up with the latest game collections. Or for me, to save the many games played by Rebel.

The Tigers, now then two great chess programs. These are two different beasts in their own right. Chess Tiger 13.0 is a solid program. Written by Christophe Theron and capable of tremendous wins, with a good opening book, good play, and fantastic endgame knowledge. I would suggest this is a number 1 contender for the No.1. spot.

It has a brother, it is called Gambit Tiger. This has a great style of attack, attack, and attack.. If it gets the chance it will tip over your King. And it does it in style. Again I have pgn files of the games played by the Tigers. Like a Tiger, this program has very sharp claws.

There are lots of other features in the Chess Partners interface. One can load and play Winboard engines. Play on the Internet chess clubs. Or one can load games, your own, or from the great and famous players.

Then invoke another analysis engine. Rebel has an engine tucked away for just such an occasion. Or just plain load one of the Tigers and see what it thinks. Imagine an engine, to be called on to give a Grand Master opinion. Call up Tiger or Rebel 2.0, and give it a moment, then analysis is available. Strong analysis for sorting out this noble game, especially if an insight into a complicated chess position is needed.

This is the tip of the iceberg. There is a ton more I have not even mentioned, not even hinted at. I have had this software a couple of months and have not found all the goodies yet. There are help files available to make the most complicated, seem so easy. So if I sound slightly enthusiastic about this software package, it is because I am. I have my favourite chess program.

There is also an Internet site for the people who buy. There will be games collections, upgrades and patches. These additions will make this strong software, even stronger. In my humble opinion, this makes for a great chess package!

Chris Taylor
Saturday, 11 November 2000