• The best games of Chess (1984-1998) (350 games)
    According to the votes of Grandmasters and readers of Chess Informant.
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  • Super tournaments (category 18 and higher)
    The strongest tournaments ever (1364 games)
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  • The famous Dutch GM Jan Hein Donner
    All his games from 1942-1982 (1430 games)
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  • World Championship games 1886-1998 (update)
    Unique database of the World Champion cycles from 1886 till 1998. In total 8121 games. In total 181 events (izt, ct, cm, wch-m etc.) Top quality!
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  • Jeroen Noomen annotates

    Jeroen Noomen besides being responsible for the REBEL opening book for more than 10 years now is also a strong chess player and likes to annotate games. His contributions in the dutch magazines Megabyte and Computer Schaak are wellknown.

    Jeroen's annotations for REBEL games are now available for download in a separate database and will be updated in the future.

    AUTOPLAYER HIGHLIGHTS (by Jeroen Noomen)

    A nice collection of computer-computer games carefully selected through the years by Jeroen Noomen. All games come from autoplayer sessions such as AUTO232 but you will also find autoplayer games between the two goodies ChessMachine King (ChessMaster now) and ChessMachine Schröder (Rebel now).

    BLUNDER BOOK (book fun!)
    • Always losing to Rebel?
    • The special BLUNDER BOOK might be a way out.
    • Rebel in every opening will make horrible mistake.
    • Just take your chance and win!
    • There are 237 of such opening lines in this blunder book.
    • Can you win 237 times in a row?
    As the blunder book also shows you the Rebel score you can't miss!

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