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Worldchampionship London 2000 - Day 3 By Jeroen Noomen

Round 5
A lot of draws in this round. REBEL had to fight against FRITZ, choosing the Meran Defence as white. After an equal opening phase FRITZ got some advantage, but REBEL defended well and achieved the draw. SHREDDER played against its 'angstgegner' JUNIOR. The opening looked better for the worldchampion, but then it started to play shaky and JUNIOR took over. It looked like winning for JUNIOR, but this time it was unlucky and once again SHREDDER saved a very bad position. Can nobody beat this program!? CHESS TIGER chose a Scandinavian Defence as black against NIMZO. The game was drawn after a hard fight, but I haven't seen the moves yet, so I can't tell if anyone has missed chances here. ZCHESS beat XINIX and has 3 points as well. With 4 rounds to go the field is still very close together. Eight programs are within half a point margin, which is not much! The one who beats a top program and wins the games against the lower opposition will surely get the title! To be continued.

Results fifth round
Shredder - Juniordraw
REBEL - Fritzdraw
Nimzo - CHESS TIGER draw
Francesca - Craftydraw
Zchess - Xinix1:0
Pacque Expert - SOS0:1
Insomniac - Diepdraw

Standings after the fifth round
3,5 points: Fritz, Junior, Nimzo, Shredder
3,0 points:REBEL, CHESS TIGER, Zchess, SOS
2,5 points:Crafty
2,0 points:Francesca, Insomniac
1,5 points:Diep
1,0 points:Xinix
0,0 points:Pacque Expert

Results blitz tournament
8,5 out of 9: Nimzo, Fritz (Fritz won the tiebreak 2:0 against Nimzo)
6,0 out of 9:Junior

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The results and standings from WMCCC 2000

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