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Worldchampionship London 2000 - Day 5 By Jeroen Noomen

Round 8
Looking at the opening moves from REBEL vs. NIMZO I couldn't help making a broad smile. The dry, but very effective anti-Meran system I had prepared, is a very good choice against Nimzo for several reasons. Most important factor: There were no tactics for NIMZO and it had no plan. REBEL had a superior bishop and two plans at its disposal. Move by move REBEL strengthened its position and won a very convincing game. This was by far the best game of REBEL in this championship, congrats to Ed! In the meantime CHESS TIGER had severe problems against newcomer XINIX. It took quite some blood, sweat and tears to finally win the game. In this round the outcome of the WMCCC was more or less decided. FRITZ couldn't win against SOS, that defended a slightly worse position very well. This opened the way for SHREDDER to yet another title. It won convincingly against INSOMNIAC, going half a point in front. After some Houdini-like escapes against REBEL, JUNIOR and NIMZO, SHREDDER played the last two rounds very well.

Results eighth round
Fritz - SOSdraw
REBEL - Nimzo1:0
Insomniac - Shredder0:1
Xinix - CHESS TIGER0:1
Pacque Expert - Junior 0:1
Zchess - Francesca1:0
Diep - Crafty1:0

Standings after the eighth round
6,0 points: Shredder
5,5 points:Fritz, CHESS TIGER
5,0 points:Junior, Nimzo, REBEL
4,5 points:SOS, Zchess
4,0 points:Insomniac
3,5 points:Crafty, Diep
3,0 points:Francesca
1,0 points:Xinix
0,0 points:Pacque Expert

Round 9
Another opening novelty that I prepared was seen in CHESS TIGER vs. JUNIOR. I found an improvement on a game Karpov-Topalov and right after this novelty JUNIOR was struggling to prove compensation for a sacrificed pawn. TIGER looked on its way to a very important victory, but JUNIOR fought back and suddenly matters became unclear. In the ending JUNIOR even tried to go for more than a draw, but this outcome was never in doubt. Too bad for TIGER that the opening surprise didn't bring the win in this game. REBEL won against PAQUE EXPERT, but I don't have information about that game. By winning twice today REBEL finally made it to a shared third place, together with CHESS TIGER. In the end a good result for both Schröder programs! SHREDDER played some crazy openingline against ZCHESS and got into trouble. But the fighting spirit of the (old and new!) worldchampion turned the tables, which made SHREDDER winning another world title. Congratulations to Stefan Meyer Kahlen for this achievement! Winning a title is nice, but defending it shows how strong SHREDDER really is! The other results were only for the statistics. FRITZ demolished CRAFTY in a brilliant game, to finish in second place. NIMZO was upset by INSOMNIAC and went down from shared first place (after 7 rounds) to shared 7th place. This must be a big disappointment for sympathic Chrilly Donninger.

Results ninth and last round
Shredder - Zchess1:0
Crafty - Fritz0:1
CHESS TIGER - Junior draw
Nimzo - Insomniac0:1
REBEL - Pacque Expert 1:0
SOS - Xinix1:0
Francesca - Diepdraw

Final standings
6,5 points:Fritz
5,5 points:Junior, SOS
5,0 points:Nimzo, Insomniac
4,5 points:Zchess
4,0 points:Diep
3,5 points:Crafty, Francesca
1,0 points:Xinix
0,0 points:Pacque Expert

All games of WMCC 2000! Download wmcc2000.pgn.

The results and standings from WMCCC 2000

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