- REBEL Engine Modules -

As a follow-up on the special REBEL10 chess engine running on the ROSYSTEM server and also used by LOST BOYS on important grandmaster tournaments for live analysis a special Rebel Decade 2.0 engine module is available for selected third party programs.

What is a REBEL chess engine?
A chess engine is the heart of a chess program, the part that makes a computer play chess. The Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine (free downloadable) can be used for analysis purposes with a selected number of third party programs.

What is supported in the engine?
  • Analyze current board position.
  • Analyze a complete game. (Rebel10 alike)
  • Analyze selected moves from a game.

How does the engine communicate?
The Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine communicates with third party programs via standard PGN and/or EPD format. The Rebel Decade 2.0 analysis process can be viewed and watched in the third party programs. The analysis results of the engine can be saved too.

Third party programs
The two following chess products fully support the Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine.
  • EPD2DIAG the best program for EPD handling.
  • ECTOOL the best program for chess by email.

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