- Gambit Tiger 2.0 vs the Web -

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Weekly prizes to win! Each week a winner is chosen. A winner is the one with the highest percentage of correct voted moves. If the percentage is equal the winner is chosen randomly. Winners may pick a REBEL product of their choice from the Rebel Store. Winners can win only once during the match.

A one time overall prize, the beautiful external wooden DGT chess board (approximately $400) kindly offered by DGT Projects from the Netherlands.

The DGT chess board is approved and used by the FIDE during major GM chess tournaments. The DGT external chess board is compatible with the update of Rebel 11.0 and adds a new dimension to play chess against, or with Rebel 11.0.

The winner of the DGT external chess board is the one with the highest percentage of correct voted moves. The calculation for this prize has been started on move 11.
Weekly Winner

The weekly winner is Johannes Matthes.


Johannes may pick a REBEL product of his choice.

DGT competition

Correct predicted moves
 1   Terry McCracken        32 Points 
 2   Harrie de Bie          31 Points 
 3-5 Petr Makovsky          26 Points 
     Martin Devenport       26 Points 
     Charles Alvino         26 Points 
 6   Laurence Chen          25 Points 
 7-8 Wieslaw Sawicki        24 Points 
     Tom Hendricks          24 Points 
The overall DGT Board Winner is Terry McCracken and he will receive the beautiful DGT board!

Prize Winners

Mario Saenz
Terry McCracken
Harrie de Bie
Petr Makovsky
Tom Hendricks
Laurence Chen
Charles Alvino
Martin Devenport
Johannes Matthes
The match specifics

  • Version: Gambit Tiger 2.0
  • Hardware: Athlon 1260 MHz 128 MB.
  • Time control: 24 hours for each move.
  • The Web: 24 hours for each move.
  • Organization: Ed Panek and Jorge Pichard.
  • The match is discussed daily in REBEL FORUM section "Rebel & Tiger versus the Web". To post in this forum you need to register first, see the corresponding link in the upper right corner of REBEL FORUM.

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