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Jan van Reek is a known chess personality in Holland, Jan became known in chess as a composer of endgame studies. He has a column on this topic in the monthly journal of the Dutch Chess Federation.

Other work of interest by Jan van Reek, author of several chess books, his analysis during the two matches of REBEL against GM John van der Wiel and GM Loek van Wely.

On art, on a journey with Jan van Reek, a tribute to Roy Lichtenstein and especially recommended are the Japanese art paintings, see the Main Page.

Back to chess, Jan is a lover of old chess history, you can download his analyis and research work for instance from the famous Baden-Baden 1870 chess tournament with Anderssen, Steinitz, Neumann, Blackburne, Paulsen among other great chess players from the past. Also Jan has annotated 631 games from Boris Spassky all freely downloadable.

Jan van Reek, Vermeulen and Boris Spassky
presenting the book Grand Strategy
in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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