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Two leading chess programmers have joined forces. An unique new development in computer chess. It surely will make both REBEL as CHESS-TIGER much stronger chess players. The expectations are high.

The idea itself (to combine 17 and 16 years individual chess programming ideas) is estimated to have a potential of at least 100-150 elo points progress. On this page you can read about plans to release a commercial REBEL-TIGER.

  • CHESS-TIGER will enter the market as a stand alone product (cdrom) called REBEL-TIGER. There is no decision taken yet about prices.

  • CHESS-TIGER is currently ported to the Windows GUI of Chess Partner. It is expected that REBEL-TIGER will be availbale in November or December 1999.

  • Be aware of the TIGER in the REBEL tank!

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    Last update September 28, 1999