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Rebel company offers REBEL10 owners who have subscribed free updates downloadable from the REBEL10 subscription area

The current version of REBEL10 is version REBEL10.0c and is released on February 27, 1999.

REBEL 10.0b

Update for REBEL10 owners. The update besides having fixed some bugs contains a few extra new features. The list:
  • Added support for the Saitek Kasparov external chess board.
  • Added support for the Mephisto external chess board.
  • Added an automatic game annotator while playing your games.
  • Added STRONGEST SETTINGS option. This will automatically set REBEL10 on its strongest settings for maximum playing strength.
  • Added SAVE ENGINE SETTINGS. On request REBEL10 will save all settings of the engine.
  • Better (more precise) ELO calculation during program launch for rated games.
  • Added (command line) parameter "S" to bypass the --press a key-- message during program launch.

REBEL 10.0c

Update for REBEL10 owners.

REBEL10.0c is a chess engine update only. There are no new features added to the GUI.

What is new in the engine?
  • The first fruit of the REBEL-TIGER approach. This engine feature will make Rebel10 2 times faster in ply-depth. The feature is available from the new pull down item System Tiger.
  • Improved hash table algorithm. This new algorithm will work out positively especially in the end-game.
  • Improved tactics introducing new extensions.
  • The feature COMBINATION is drastically changed. When set to ON "combination" is valid for the "whole game" now but is more careful with all the extra extensions because of that.
  • No AUTO232 support yet. It's our understanding Rebel10 performs better playing games manually then when with AUTO232 (playing automatic games on 2 Pc's). However if we find out what's going on with AUTO232 we will release another patch.
  • Option Brute Force in the pulldown menu OPTION is replaced with System Tiger. If you miss the option "Brute Force" then use "Selection=1" which practically is about the same.
  • For serious games use REBEL10's default engine settings. The option is available from the pulldown menu OPTION using "Strongest Settings".
  • For computer-computer games set System Tiger to ON.

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