- REBEL10 extra's -

On the Rebel10 cdrom you will also find extra third party chess software. A new version of ECTOOL, the current version of EPD2DIAG V1.4a and a pre-version of the newest EPD2DIAG.

Both ECTOOL 5.0 and EPD2DIAG will come with the Rebel9 analysis chess engine for having a reliable and super strong chess engine running in the background.

The REBEL10 engine for ECTOOL and EPD2DIAG is available from the Rebel10 subscription area free downloadable for Rebel10 owners.

Note that ECTOOL is shareware. You must be a registered user of ECTOOL to run the REBEL9 or REBEL10 (ECTOOL) engine. Unregistered ECTOOL user can use the Rebel Decade 2.0 (ECTOOL) engine also available on the Cdrom.

A PRE-RELEASE of Rebel for Win95/98/NT will be available from the Rebel10 subscription download area for Rebel10 owners. The date for this pre-release is set for the period June/July 1999. Rebel10 owners who have subscribed to Rebel10 can download this version for free.

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